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Master Fitouts; A Fitout Company Serving Perth That Has Experience in Managing and Designing Affordable, Stylish Designs for Any Business

The Master Fitouts team is a company that has experience in managing and designing affordable, stylish designs for any business in and around Perth. The creative minds at the helm have been honing their skills over many years to come up with innovative solutions specifically tailored towards meeting your needs as an organization or individual entrepreneur looking to bring life back into your space.


The Master Fitouts team is of highly innovative and talented designers who bring exciting fits to life for all sorts of businesses. They’re affordable, stylish and will help you define your brand identity through custom-made designs that are both creative as well as practical in their use.


At Master Fitouts, we specialise in all types of commercial and office fitouts. Our team of certified specialists works closely with you to create a space that reflects your brand identity while still meeting industry standards for safety and productivity. Whether it’s starting from scratch or relocating our services, include shop/warehouse renovations, retail store design & merchandising.


Our main goal is to ensure you have all of the tools necessary for success from start to finish on any project size or budget – big or small, new construction projects. We pride ourselves in being capable of helping everyone in or around Perth achieve their goals through creative solutions tailored uniquely just by them.

Commercial Office and Shop Fit-Outs in Perth

Our Services


As a trusted and reputable Fitouts company, Master Fitouts takes pride in our ability to respond to our client’s needs and make their vision become a reality. With over 40 years of experience, we provide a comprehensive package of fit-Outs and refurbishment services. Check out our services:


  • Concept and Interior Design – Our experts can create a space that communicates your brand. The experts will partner with you to learn what exactly your firm or business is, and create an interior space that will impress your employees and clientele.
  • Construction and Implementation Services – We have highly-dependable and accomplished crews and commercial construction contractors with top-notch expertise and skills to deliver impeccable results.
  • Free Estimation – We value your time and resources, and our experts will ensure that you get beautifully-detailed quotes of any fit-out project you have in mind.
  • Project Management – Say goodbye to sleepless nights by having any of our outstanding Project Managers to take charge of your project. Apart from ensuring that your project adheres to the timetable and sticks to the deadline, they will fill you in every step of the way.
  • Site Surveys and Space Planning – When space is limited, every square meter counts. By executing a comprehensive site assessment, we will get the measurements of your building and show you how your available space can be utilized in an efficient manner.

If you’re interested in seeing how Master Fitouts can help your office and business thrive, get your free quote today by giving us a call!

Commercial Office Fitouts in Perth

When your office needs an update or you’re planning your newest workspace, our experienced industrial building contractors can help. We will partner closely with you to bring into existence a stunning and functional office design, the dimensions notwithstanding!

Office refurbishment can be disruptive to your workflow and business, so we always plan with care to ensure that the job is carried out as unobtrusively as possible and completed on time and within budget.

There are many moving parts in shaping an office fit-out. Below are some of the features we can handle with practiced finesse:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Electrical, IT, and telecom installation & Comms Rooms
  • Reception and waiting areas
  • Break-room and relaxing areas
  • Open plan and personalised private offices
  • Bathroom plumbing and building
  • Eateries/cafes and cooking areas
  • Exterior renovations
  • Raised Access Floors and Floor Finishes
  • Fully compliant accessible features

With Master Fitouts by your side, we will offer a turnkey deal for the project while getting rid of any obstacles from the word go until the end. We handle everything from design, to project management, and permit acquisition. To understand how we can assist you, make a date with us today.

Shop Fit-Outs in Perth

The way a retail establishment looks means a lot, and luckily, we have world-class fitters to ensure that the exterior of your space complements the interior look. Our team borrows heavily from the latest and cutting-edge innovations in the interior design industry and is able to come up with unmatched looks for your clients to enjoy.

In case you have a skeleton interior space that needs a complete working over, look no further than our renowned structural fit-out solutions that match your retail needs. With our insured and licensed professionals at your beck and call, we will handle all tasks, including re-configuring supply of utilities, electricity, data, and lighting, plus wall repositioning, ceiling modification, and changing access points.

After taking structural and aesthetic aspects into account, rest assured that our designs will embrace sophisticated technology such as illuminated LED displays, media walls, touch screens, software-synced digital screens, among other cutting-edge tech.  You’re left with an innovative and unique design solution that specifically meets your business’s needs.

Medical Fitouts in Perth

Due to the complex nature of fitout projects for medical spaces, hiring seasoned experts who can understand and anticipate the challenges of refurbishing healthcare facilities will make a difference to your project and peace of mind.

We take pride in our quarter-century plus expertise in the medical sphere, meaning we will infuse a breath of fresh air into your project and deliver impeccable results.

  • General physician practice design and fitouts
  • Aesthetic and cosmetic clinic design and fit-outs
  • Hospital remodeling and interior design
  • Ideas for hospital design and fitout
  • Laboratory refurbishment and construction specialists

We’re able to successfully fit-out both waiting rooms and public use spaces as well as the medical facilities themselves, taking into consideration fostering a restful and calm atmosphere for patients and families.

All our designs incorporate recent medical innovations, coupled with superior designs with a futuristic architectural mindset.

Cafe Fitouts in Perth

It can be a scary experience opening the doors of your new restaurant while your neighbours are established eating establishments. But the talented professionals at Master Fitouts can come up with a stellar design plan to make your new shop stand out.

Having facilitated commercial designs for a myriad of clients in the past half century or so, we know what coffee enthusiasts and retail premises owners really like. Our team is well-versed in ways of actualising the shop of your dreams and they’ll go the whole nine yards to ensure that the outcome is a stunning restaurant fitout. Let one of our professionals help you today, so we can start thinking of creative ways to make your cafe as unique as your patrons are.

Retail Fit-Outs in Perth

If you find your retail space needs an adjustment or rebuild, Master Fitouts offers a wide variety of retail fit-outs for every industry and location. Our team will assist you in the design process and handle the construction of your re-imagined interior space.

By taking your ideas into account, we offer comprehensive designs prior to the actual construction. We have licensed and insured experts who’ll meticulously implement and manage the whole exercise, meaning that we will finish within the expected duration and budget.

A project that entails full or partial construction or demolition, new drywall, partitions, installation of lighting fixtures, flooring, carpeting, or ceilings – Master Fitouts has experience handling whatever your fit-out needs may be. We have expertly handled projects spanning many sectors, therefore you can count on superior results to match your business requirements We will help you maximise the space available and create an interior that is both practical and eye-catching.

If you’re looking for design and build contractors with wide-ranging experience, exemplary client satisfaction, and superior quality results, look no further than Master Fitouts. Regardless of the design and construction you have in mind, trust our able team to bring it to life.

Master Fitouts are renowned for their attention to detail and you can bet your last dollar that they’ll deliver outstanding results every time.

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